When you’re interviewing someone, there are the standard statements such as, "Tell me about yourself", but interviewees will usually give glowing reports about what they do and why they believe they’re qualified. All this will do is tell you about the person on the surface.

There are specific questions to ask that are good and will help you to grow as a leader.

Ask the interviewee what he (or she) believes his strengths are. This is a good question because you’ll learn how this strength can work with team members. It’ll also help you to know if it’s a strength that already exists in current team members. This is why you should follow up by asking the interviewee to tell you what his weaknesses are.

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If he says his weakness is that he’s a perfectionist, then as the leader, you know he’ll fit well on a team with members who don’t tend to take such a hard look at tasks. You’ll know to pair him with people who have great vision but need help implementing the vision.

Ask what number one skill he has that should make him the one who’s hired above other candidates. This will help you as a leader because you’ll understand what he values about himself, and you’ll also be able to determine if he truly does have the skills to do the job.

Tell the interviewee to describe to you how he has overcome work-related challenges in the past. This will help you to discover if he’s able to work well with a team and handle conflict. How he solved the problem can give you the insight to help you see how he’ll fit within the company. 

Ask these questions and the answers will really help you get to know your candidate and ensure you hire someone who will fit right into the team.