Hi, and welcome to our article series on “Smart Leaders Ask the Right Questions”. We’re very happy to have you and hope you learn a great deal of valuable information.

Questions to ask in your own performance review

At your performance review, you should be given the opportunity to voice concerns or ask questions. If that happens, there are certain questions that you should ask. 

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If it’s not addressed, begin by asking what it was about your job performance prior to the review that you did well. When the reviewer points out any areas that may need improvement, ask specifically what it is he (or she) would like to see improved if the area is too generalized. This will help you to zero in on what you need to do. 

Ask what you can do to be a bigger asset to colleagues as well as the company. If the boss has pointed out any problem areas, ask what the first step is that you can take to make it better immediately. 

Find out what job skills he feels you may need to add so that you can improve yourself as well as your chances of moving up in the company. Ask what you can do right now to grow your career. 

Ask what area of your work the boss needs the performance growth in so that it helps benefit him the most. Your boss will be thankful that you’re trying to make his job easier. 

During the review, ask your boss what it is that you can do to help him or the company reach any specific audience or profit goals. Or ask how, as an employee, you can bring more value to the team. 

Ask where he sees you in the next year. This will help give you an idea about possible promotions as well as raises. 

Next time, we're going to look at questions you can ask your team members in their performance review.