In the last article, we looked at Gen Z and how much time they spend doing various activities on Twitter. 

Now we're going to look at what they spend time doing on Snapchat. Studies have shown that Gen Z goes on Snapchat an average of 11 times per day. The following are their main activities: 

* Follow friends and family (74%)

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* Direct messaging (46%)

* To check what is trending (43%)

* Read others' opinions (influencer marketing) (28%)

* To express my own voice (29%)

* Follow celebrities/influencers (25%)

* Live or breaking news (21%)

All of these activities are done at a significantly higher percentage by Gen Z compared with Millennials, with the exception of following friends and family (68%) for Millennials. Direct messaging, reading opinions and following influencers show a significant gap. 

Again, this points to Gen Z’s desire for quick interactions through messaging services, and quick information gathering in relation to ideas, opinions, product recommendations, and so on. 

Marketing on Snapchat

The best strategy is to become an influencer yourself. But this takes time. Partnering with influencers and engaging with them can help keep you in front of Gen Z while you build your presence.

Insider looks at your company show the human side of your business. Demonstrating your core values, and what drives you in business, can also help you gain a following. If you do a lot of charity work or donate a percentage of your profits to worthy causes, don’t keep it to yourself.

Another attention-grabber will always be contests and giveaways. Try not to do these too often, so you don’t cheapen your brand. But when you do run them, make them stand out by being creative and by offering great prizes.

Offering exclusive content is another way to grab attention. Give previews of new products before they launch, and include a coupon code as part of the sneak peek.

Make the most of live events. If you are at a tradeshow, conference, product launch, and so on, give them exciting views of what is going on at the event, and offer spot prizes.

Snapchat is rather different than other social sites in that your content is live for only a short period of time before it gets deleted (up to 24 hours), so you will need to post at least once a day to keep in the public eye.

If you have a budget, sponsored content can help you advertise to Gen Z.

If you haven’t already started using Snapchat but have products perfect for 18- to 24-year-olds, now might be a good time to start.

In the next article, we will look at how Gen Z uses Instagram.

Until then,