If you are going to be successful in making your sales and lead generation stand out and grab the attention of the same prospects and customers your competitors are trying to close, you really need to include images and pics in your messages — ones that wow your audience.

In other words, it’s visual content that can prompt your audience to stop and take notice, making your marketing messages compelling and virtually impossible to ignore.

Here’s the indisputable proof why this is:

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By far the number one tool that can help you create stunning images that stand out, attract and convert is Canva — even if you have no experience. Canva is an online web app to design graphics for projects, big and small.

Reasons to Use Canva

Five reasons why you should use Canva are:

  1. There is absolutely no design or editing experience required, and, it’s a multipurpose design tool.
  2. You can use it to create excellent-looking graphics for your social media posts. 
  3. You can also edit photos, create infographics, and build graphics quickly and easily.
  4. It comes with a ton of ready-made layouts.
  5. Canva also has preset image sizes for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, which is important since each platform has settings and limitations for images.

It comes down to this:

Using visuals created with the help of Canva in a careful, strategic manner can help you increase conversions in each of these stages:

  • Visuals attract prospects
  • Visuals generate leads
  • Visuals can close sales

A smart marketer knows that consistently sharing visual content on social media is by far the best way to draw new eyes to your business, and lets you interact with prospects when they are looking for answers.

Being the visual animals, we are, our brains are designed to process visuals, not text. 93% of all communication is visual, which is precisely why visual content attracts our attention and in turn, affects our attitude and behavior.

Marketers and sales representatives who truly understand this fact can use it as their secret weapon. After all, using visual content in every stage of the sales process continues to be the easiest and most effective way to increase your conversion rates and win more sales.

Next time, we’re going to look at using images to make your brand really stand out on Instagram.