NEWARK, NJ -From November 16-20, the Institute of the Black World (IBW) will be holding its fourth State of the Black World Conference (SOBW) in response to what the organization refers to as the ‘centuries old worldwide assault on African (Black) people’. 

The five day conference is set to take place this year in Newark, NJ at the historic Robert Treat Hotel. It is held every four years to assess the plight of the African (Black) diaspora. It assembles an international spectrum of scholars, activists, faith leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers as well as political theorists to forge strategies in assisting the worldwide African (Black) community. 

This year’s gathering is dedicated to the memory of one of Newark’s native sons, (the People’s Poet Laureate, the Immortal Imamu Amiri Baraka) who nearly fifty years ago helped to organize the country’s first “Black Power Conference” in the same city. 

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The (SOBW) will include open town hall meetings and plenary sessions discussing pertinent areas that include, but are not limited to; Reparations, Education, Economic Development, Spirituality, and Healing the Black family amid the War on Drugs, among other things. And on its final day will feature a keynote address by Nation of Islam leader the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. 

IBW Chairman Rick Adams remarks, “Each session is intended to seriously explore how to draw on the cultural, spiritual, historical and institutional strengths and assets of people of African descent to enhance or devise collaborative strategies and models for Black empowerment. No matter the topic or issue area, we must answer the questions of how do we learn from our history and each other, and how do we work collectively to build free, wholesome, just and humane families, communities and nations. Accordingly, recommendations for action should be based on the guidelines employed for State of the Black World Conference III: What is it that we as people of African descent must do internally to achieve healing and empowerment? What is it that we must demand of private institutions, e.g., financial institutions and businesses that benefit from Black resources? And, what should we demand of government and public agencies as taxpayers?”

So far several invitees have confirmed their presence. The list includes economist Dr. Claud Anderson, economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux, legal scholar Charles Ogletree, Historian Dr. Leonard Jeffries, CNN contributor/Morehouse College Professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Women in Support of the Million Man March (WISOMMM) Director Frederica Bey, People’s Organization for Progress Chairman Lawrence Hamm, Hip-Hop Artist Jasiri X, XM Host Mark Thompson, and many other prominent figures. 

The SOBW will be live streamed on, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Anyone wishing to attend may visit SOBWC.IBW21.ORG for registration information. 

Phone # 888.774.2921