EAST ORANGE, NJ - Recreation and Cultural Affairs continues to be an integral part of the municipal services available to East Orange residents. A good number of programs and services continue to be available for East Orange residents to participate.  While programs have continued and services are expanded, one of the major challenges of the Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, are the facilities. 

Council President and Mayoral hopeful Ted R. Green said, "Recreation is a vital component of city programs and services.  My goal is to explore facility upgrades and improvements to ensure our buildings are structurally sound and are in optimal condition in order to provide recreational and cultural services that engage East Orange residents on a broader scale."

Green indicated that a number of existing programs currently exist particularly for young people; such as cheerleading, basketball, wrestling , baseball, softball, and summer food programs, in addition to My Brother's Keeper, My Sister's Keeper and more.  Green indicated that from a programmatic perspective, the program offerings and the cultural programs, are sound programs that should continue, with some improvements in offerings in order to engage more residents.  

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Green indicated that while structural improvements are important to offer the best in programming, it must first be determined where funding is available to upgrade structures and facilities; like the Fellowship Civic Center, and other facilities. 

Green said, "One of the goals of my administration, if elected, is to review programs, services and facilities so that we can offer citizens the best from a recreational and cultural affairs perspective."  

For more information about Ted R. Green or the Line A candidates, visit them online at TedRGreen.com and on Facebook at TedGreenin17.  Election Day is June 6, please remember to vote.