ORANGE, NJ - According to the city's Unified Crime Reports (UCR) compared to 2013, the City of Orange Township has seen a: 

* 100% decrease in Homicides 

* 34% decrease in Robberies 

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* 26% decrease in Aggravated Assaults 

* 20% decrease in simple assaults 

* 39% decrease in Burglaries 

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq. points to the success of the city's ongoing crime prevention efforts with the STRIKE (which stands for SECURE, TRACK, REMOVE INNER-ORANGE crime KEEPING EVERYONE safe) program which in 2013, yielded 470 arrests, 1,154 charges and over $10,000 being seized in drug arrests. "This program continues as it's necessary to keep our efforts consistent and current with the trends of the greater law enforcement community. It is under this direction that we've instituted several initiatives that provide an uncomfortable atmosphere for criminal behavior and forces the general public to recognize and respect the motor vehicle laws of the State of New Jersey and within the City of Orange Township," the mayor continued. 

According to Police Director Hakim Sims, many of the decreases are directly attributed to the efforts of STRIKE 2013/STRIKE 2014 and were accomplished because of several operations conducted during STRIKE. Some include the following: 

* High visibility in areas of concern (Hot Spots) 

* Increased directed patrols on Main Street (Special Police Officer-Walking Post) 

* Collaborations with the Essex County Prosecutors Office during violent crime investigations 

"This year we are adding an approach to address our crime by directing the officers to increase their awareness toward motor vehicle violations in troublesome areas. This approach assists us by increasing the presence of police officers in targeted areas while actively engaging in policing," said Sims. "It is no secret several arrests come from motor vehicle stops. Some are from narcotic or illegal contraband arrests and many are from warrant arrests."

Let's continue to take our streets back -  join the "Orange Against Crime" Caravan during our National Night Out this

Tuesday, August 5th 20146:00 pm to 10:00 pm

The Caravan leaves at 6:00 pm sharp from 

The Freddie Polhill Law and Justice Complex

29 Park Street, Orange, NJ