Do you remember when you could only send 1,000 texts each month? Thankfully, today's messaging apps provide free and unlimited messaging, which is a refreshing solution for rigid text message limits and high costs. Now, with a single app, you can communicate with your customers, make calls, deliver content, and sell products.

These added functionalities make apps sticky. They draw people to the app and keep them glued there for a long time. Today, social messaging apps have over five billion monthly active users globally.

Apps enable businesses to use conversational marketing to connect with engaged massive audiences. By using apps, you can embed Live Chat on your website to offer highly responsive customer service, you can deliver content to your audience, and you can advertise through the help of chatbots.

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Typically, different age groups and countries prefer some apps to others. However, here’s how you can tailor your messaging marketing for three different global messaging apps.

#1: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very popular in developing countries and it’s perfect for your business if your target audience is between the ages of 25-44 years. 

WhatsApp isn’t conducive to large audiences, but you can leverage its one-to-one messaging capabilities to market your business. It can help you interact with your audience as a normal user would; hence, you can execute hyper-targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Also, WhatsApp offers a click-to-chat link which you can embed in your email signature, social profiles, or website, enabling you to market your business effectively.

#2: Facebook Messenger

Messenger is ideal for your business if you have a global audience. With Messenger, you can run destination ads in your target audience’s news feed to drive them to your Messenger and start a conversation. 

Also, you can send sponsored messages to customers who’ve messaged you in the past. And you can leverage Messenger chatbot capabilities to interact more with your customers.

#3: WeChat

WeChat isn’t just a popular Chinese social messaging app. People outside China also use it. And it’s an ideal choice if your target audience lies between the ages of 18-50 years.

In one app, you can message customers, read the news, make in-store payments, pay for bills, make voice and video calls, and manage your personal finances.

To have a strong presence on WeChat, you should set up an official account for your business. This will enable you to create a business micro-site, publish content, and offer customer services — all within the WeChat app itself.

If you’re a content publisher, signing up for a subscription account will enable you to broadcast one message per day to your subscribers in their subscription accounts folder.

And if you’re a big retail chain, you can sign up for a service account, where you can broadcast four messages per month to your subscribers in their friend session list.

Verified accounts have access to WeChat payment and nine advanced APIs. With access to these APIs, you can:

* Run lotteries

* Open micro-stores

* Take advantage of personalized content marketing, location-based marketing, QR code marketing, and influencer marketing 

With any of the WeChat accounts, you can integrate bots to your site, which can help you interact with customers and deliver keyword-triggered content.

Any of these three messaging apps can help you market and grow your business quickly.

Next time, we're going to look at some popular apps for collaborating with your team.

Until then,