Today women from across this nation and world came together to build upon and continue the movement for women’s rights; from equality and equity to employment and equal pay.  Last year millions of women marched in cities across this nation and world – in fact, many of you joined together to represent our sisters, our mothers, our aunts, grandmothers, nieces, and friends.  Through our collective voices, the world stopped and listened to what we had to say.

Over this past year, we have seen the attacks on women, particularly with the “Me Too,” movement and more – all of which  serve as reminders that our work is far from done. Over the past year, we have witnessed a national government and policies that attack our communities, our families and us. But as women, we won’t sit down, instead let this year’s march, “POWER TO THE POLLS,” be a call to action to continue standing for what is right and that is for the power of women to be recognized and respected on every platform, particularly in elected office. 

When we are engaged, we create change by our numbers, by our passion and by our commitment to support one another, particularly as Sisters.  That is why this year, women were elected to lead some of our largest cities; Keisha Lance Bottoms as Mayor of Atlanta and Vi Lyles as Mayor of Charlotte and just this past week in New Jersey, so many of us stood in spirit alongside our Sister, a phenomenal woman, who changed history - Sheila Oliver became New Jersey’s first African American Lieutenant Governor.  These Sisters are power exemplified!

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Let us use the tenets of this year’s march to continue and raise our level of engagement in the electoral process, to register voters and to support women and other candidates for elected office who care about our journey as women to include and support us in the national dialogue.  Women, we are the engine to move this country forward.

For those of you that marched, thank you for representing the power of women to be in the forefront of moving our country and our communities forward. “POWER TO THE POLLS.”  

Thank you.


Denise L. Taylor-Hill

National President, The Drifters Incorporated