Perseverance is the key to great accomplishments in life. Fortunately, it’s a quality that anyone can cultivate. Try these three exercises to help cultivate your perseverance. 

1. Remember When You Have Persevered in the Past

 If you find yourself facing a tough challenge, it helps to recall other times that you’ve persevered and succeeded. For example, think about the times that you stayed up late to finish an assignment, or put in extra hours to get a promotion. Imagine a time when you did some extra reps at the gym or pushed just a little faster to score a goal. Write down those memories or create a poster or mood board that reflects them. When you find yourself ready to give up, remember all those times you didn’t give up in the past. 

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2. Commit to a Physical Goal

 There’s a reason that so many movies use sports as a metaphor for life. If you can embrace hard work and stick-to-itiveness on the playing field, in the gym or on the racecourse, you can do the same thing at work and in your life. To harness the power of athletics for yourself, pick a challenging but doable goal, such as running a 5 km race. Find a training plan that fits your current level of fitness and commit to doing it, no matter what. Once you’ve pushed through a few runs in the rain, you’ll know how good it feels to persevere. 

3. Pick a One-Month Challenge

Pick something you want to get better at and commit to doing it every day for a month, whether you feel like it or not. Whether it’s yoga or playing the flute, in one month of daily practice you’ll see concrete improvements and form a lasting habit. Write down how much you improve over the month, and keep your notes as inspiration for the next difficult think you do. 

In our next edition, join us for some inspirational words from people who have persevered and achieved their goals.