What’s the best way to get more done in a day? The answer is to get someone else to do some of your work. Here are some tips on how to delegate effectively so that your team can do more work and do it well. 

Be Realistic about Training 

Depending on your team, you may have to train someone before you can delegate to them. This can be discouraging because at first, it can take more time to train a new person on a task than it takes to do it yourself. Don’t give up! In time, your employee will gain skills, and you’ll be free to do other work. 

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Clearly Communicate Your Goals, Outcomes, and Expectations

Many times, delegated tasks aren’t done correctly — not because your staff can’t do the job, but because you didn’t clearly explain what you wanted. Make sure your staff feels comfortable asking questions if they aren’t sure what you want.  

Let Go of ”Your Way”

While it’s important to take the time to train your team to do the job, know that everyone has their own approach. Demand that tasks be done well, not that they be done your way. Delegation works best when you can step back, and let your team take ownership of their work. 

Check In

 When you first start to delegate, don’t assume that work will magically show up, on time, exactly as you would have done it yourself. Check in on the project frequently, until you have full confidence in your staff. 

Be the Dumbest Person in the Room

The real secret to effective delegation is to hire the smartest people you can and get out of their way. If, as manager, you are the least skilled person on the team, congratulations! You are officially the best manager. 

With all the time you’ll gain from effective delegation, don’t waste it by getting sidetracked by the internet. Join us next time for tips on avoiding internet and social media distractions.