When you think of ending toxic relationships, you may conjure up a lot of negativity. But, you can get rid of toxic relationships in a positive way. Remember that it’s important for yourself to end these relationships. You’re not doing yourself or even them any favors sticking to something that is not working for anyone. 

* Know Your Part in the Issues – While there may be things that the other person is responsible for that you can’t be, that’s not really where your focus should be. Focus on your part in the issues, because that’s the only thing you can change. When you talk to the person, talk to them from your perspective and why it doesn’t work for you from your side of it, not based on what they can or should do to change.

* Focus on the Positive Lessons – Even when a relationship ends, there are likely things you can point to that were positive about the other person and the relationship. It may be what it taught you about yourself but also about what is good about the other person, even if you need to end the relationship. 

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* Use "I" Language – When you’re talking to the person and ending the relationship, you want to focus on using "I" language over "you" language. For example, state, "I feel sad when…" without blaming that other person. 

* Address Your Fears – If you’re scared to end the relationship, think about this for a while by yourself. List all the reasons you’re afraid to end the relationship so that you can address that head-on before you actually go through the process.

* Forgive – Just because you're ending a toxic relationship doesn’t mean you have to hang on to the bad feelings. Part of ending the relationship is that you can end the bad feelings. Even if they never ask for forgiveness, it’s important to forgive them in your mind and heart anyway so that you can both move forward.

Ending a toxic relationship can be one of the most difficult things you do, but by doing so you will increase your own self-esteem in amazing ways that you may not even realize yet. 

If you want to have high self-confidence levels, there are some do's and don’ts that will make it easier. We'll talk about that next time.