Whether it’s a crisis in your personal life, too much job stress, or simply negative world news, staying positive can be hard. However, it’s worth it. Research shows that a positive attitude can: 

• Increase your life span
• Lower rates of distress and depression
• Improve resistance to the common cold
• Improve physical and mental health
• Improve cardiovascular health and lower the risk of heart disease
• Improve coping skills during stressful times

Link for more information - https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/positive-thinking/art-20043950 

Even during the worst problems, a positive mindset can help you approach problems proactively. Here are some tips for staying positive: 

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• Keep a gratitude journal - Practicing gratitude can increase your happiness and protect you from depression. Spend a few minutes each day reflecting on things you are grateful for. When negativity threatens to ruin your day, take a deep breath and think about everything you’ve noted in your gratitude journal. 

• Reframe your language - Whoever first said, "sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me" was wrong. Words can be incredibly hurtful, particularly when those words come from your own head. If you find a stream of negative self-talk filling your head, break the cycle. Instead of: "I can’t do it"; try, "I can try my best". Instead of: "There’s no way to do it"; try, "I can look for a way". It takes effort a first, but soon, framing your thoughts positively will become second nature. 
• Change "have to" to "get to" - It’s easy to complain that you have to go to work, have to get to the store, have to pick up the kids. By outlawing the verb "have to" and replacing it with "get to", you make a positive shift in your thinking: "I get to go work, I get to pick up food to feed my family, I get to go meet my kids after school." Your day sounds better already, doesn’t it? 

• Practice, practice, practice. Maintaining a positive mindset takes work, but it will come in time. Reserve moments in your day to practice the positive thinking skills above. Over time, positive thoughts will start to come naturally. 

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