We’ve talked about the buyer’s journey through awareness, consideration, and decision making, as well as the types of content you need to accomplish your goals. But, let’s go over it again to make sure that everything is really clear.

Buyer’s Journey and Content Needed:


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This is the stage where the buyer knows they have a problem and a need that needs to be solved. 

Content needed: Create editorial content, expert content, white papers, how-to articles, problem definition blog posts, eBooks, eGuides, and reports using data analytics. You can put this type of content in many forms - from social media posts and memes, to blog posts, and more. Use any format you think your audience will like and repurpose the content into new formats for different mediums.


At this stage, the buyer further narrows down their problem and then researches the options to solve it. 

Content needed: This is where live interaction is a great option for content. You can do Facebook Lives, in-person events, provide comparison content such as white papers, product reviews, podcasts, and video. Again, feel free to reformat any of the content you create at this stage. 

Decision Stage

This is where they make the decision to buy by choosing the solution that they desire. 

Content needed: Case studies, free trials, sneak peaks, product literature, product comparisons, and live demos are all excellent choices for content at this stage. Your sales page is also imperative here. Ensure that it answers all your buyer’s potential questions, lessens their risk and asks for the sale. 

These last seven articles have been all about the buyer’s journey, from awareness to making a buying decision. Hopefully, you've learned a lot about the types of content you need during each stage, and have developed a map for your content based on your buyer’s journey.

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