Syndicating your blog posts is a great way to ensure that more of your audience sees your content and learns about your valuable, life-changing offers. When you syndicate your content over "guest" posting your content, you automate the process so that you can get to more people faster and more easily. Content syndication, at its core, is all about brand awareness, building niche authority, and a way to get clicks back to your site.

* – You have full control with their platform to pick and choose only your best content to be featured across their advertising publisher sites. You’ll get more traffic to your site using this method over some of the others. 

* – This is the leading content discovery platform. You will control what everyone sees so that you can make good choices about what content your audience looks at. Plus, they have amazing advanced reporting so you can see at a glance if your promotions are working or not.

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* ( – The community can ask questions, post their own links to their own content, and more. It’s free to use, and anyone can join and share quality content using a feed. This is a new version of

* – While you can share any content you want on an individual basis, you can also set it up to be more automated, automatically publishing the content you put on your website in specific categories via a feed set up. 

* Magazines and Publications – Any publication you read in your niche is a possibility for syndication, even if they don’t have a formal plan in place yet. You can send letters and pitch the idea, showing them what you write about and what category you’d like to syndicate to them.

* Niche Searches – You can also search on Google for places that will syndicate your work. Don’t stop at only trying to work with aggregators like Outbrain and Taboola; also reach out to industry magazines, websites, and bloggers.

* – This is a service that allows you to pay for more views of your online content. You can automate the process so that it becomes truly hands off by using their platform to feed the content you want your audience to see.

While some people worry about duplicate content issues, the truth is, if you publish the content first on your website you will not face any problems with proper content syndication. Although it is possible that you may get more traction for any syndicated article on another site, smart syndication – picking and choosing what you put out there - can boost your business in significant ways due to the fact that more people are seeing your offerings.

You'll save time by repurposing your content, and you can save even more time by outsourcing the repurposing process. We'll talk about that next time.