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EAST ORANGE, NJ - Some business owners consider supplemental insurance an extra or a burden to their already financially fatigued work force.  Some employers feel that asking their employees to protect themselves is not beneficial to their business.  They feel that not offering the option means that they do not have to worry about their workforce.  Some employers think they must pay for it.  SO NOT TRUE

Business owners have enough to worry about.  Things like revenue, growth, expansion, taxes and healthcare needs, just to scrape the surface.  Another thing like supplemental insurance is just another bother. 

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I agree, business owners have so much on their plate and it is difficult to think about, but without your employees, your business is bound to suffer or maybe FAIL

National statistics show that employees are living paycheck to paycheck.  A 2012 Article by Charlene Jimenez, of the American Genius magazine, wrote about this phenomenon. (https://theamericangenius.com/economic-news/americans-living-paycheck-to-paycheck-statistics/)

That means as the employer, your life gets MORE hectic.  Employee call-outs (you can fire them but it COST you more to hire and bring on a new person), you can eliminate the employees position and have another employee take over the task until the affected employee recovers (If they ever do), you can get outside help (but that also comes at an additional COST), or you can provide your employees an avenue that is helpful to their physical, mental and financial recovery.  WOW!!!!, now supplemental insurance really makes sense. 

Supplemental insurance safeguards your employee’s PAYCHECKS.  That is the reason that many of your employees work so hard for you.  Reward them by making sure they can continue to take care of their needs if a disaster like cancer or a sudden death, strikes their household. 

Companies like AFLAC, Combined, and Met Life offer plans to covers employees.  I like to consider it paycheck insurance.  I have listed a few companies that a 2012 article, in Star Reviews ranked (http://www.starreviews.com/supplemental-insurance-providers.aspx). (Starreviws,com 2012) This has been a topic of discussion for many years, (2012 and prior) but employers seem to ignore the power of offering these options.  Many of these plans are not paid for by the business owner at all but employees can get group rate advantage (better rates, non-medical and group benefits) by going through their employer. 

If you are a business owner that wants to discuss your options or want additional REAL information on the subject, call me, John Clark (973)518-0676 or email me at JLC3Consulting@gmail.com for a brief conversation that costs you nothing, but may become valuable to you, your employees, and your business