In his book Hit Refresh, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recounts the story of a question he was asked at his first interview. If you saw a baby start crying after falling in the street, he was asked, what would you do? He fretted about the possible algorithms that could guide the answer, finally saying that he’d call 911. The interviewer told him: If you see a baby crying in the street, you pick up the baby and comfort it. 

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Nadella, despite his lack of empathy, got the job. Today, he’s a champion of empathetic leadership. He learned the value of compassion and empathy the hard way, after his first child was born with cerebral paralysis. Learning to be the best father he could be taught him lessons in compassion, empathy, and leadership that has helped him triple Microsoft’s stock value. 

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Compassion and empathy make important leaderships skills because: 

* In order to solve clients’ problems, first you must understand them. Everyone’s been in a meeting where, after someone starts explaining a problem, possible solutions start flying before the second sentence is finished. That’s not the path to effective problem solving. By slowing down, listening to a client, and viewing their problems with compassion, a company can develop effective solutions to problems. 

* Compassion leads to insight. The definition of compassion is to feel what someone else is experiencing and be motivated to help. By viewing the world through a compassionate lens, leaders can see unmet needs and develop innovative solutions. 

* A true leader supports their team to be the best they can be. By listening to team members with a spirit of empathy and compassion, a good leader can understand their hopes, dreams, challenges and motivations, and support their success.

* Compassion helps drive collaboration. By listening to others with an open, compassionate mind, opportunities for collaboration reveal themselves, and collaboration leads to innovation and success. 

Now that we've given a few reasons why compassion is so helpful, tune in next time when we explain how meditation can boost your compassion.

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