If you want to grow your site traffic, you must fully embrace content marketing. And you can achieve tremendous success in your business if you leverage the apps and software available online to boost the customer experience.

The monthly usage of apps is amazing, especially because research shows that 89% of the time spent on media is with apps. 

You can leverage apps for great content creation, to automate content delivery, to implement an editorial calendar, and to make your content marketing more fun and profitable.

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To generate quality leads, you have to churn out content consistently. And with the help of content marketing apps, you can brand your content marketing strategy to suit your target market.

Use these three-content delivery and distribution apps to reshape your marketing vision and revamp your content into valuable, high-quality content that drives traffic and leads.

1. Buffer (https://buffer.com/)

Social media marketing is a must for every business because your target audience are on social media.

Chances are, you probably use Twitter to market your brand. And to market your business successfully, you have to update your Twitter account regularly. Having said that, you most likely don’t want to stay awake all night to post on Twitter because you’ve realized most of your followers are active at night. You need a better marketing strategy to achieve your Twitter marketing goals.

This is where Buffer comes in handy. You can use it to schedule posts on Twitter anytime and anywhere.

Buffer can help you improve your social media experience, serving as your social media assistant. With Buffer, you can schedule tweets to send out later. Also, you can create a tweet editorial calendar and sit back with no worries, knowing your scheduled tweets will hit the web at the right time.

You can use Buffer to manage multiple Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. This is especially useful when you want to post an update or new content to your audience on these social platforms simultaneously. 

From your Buffer dashboard, you can connect multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts with up to ten updates. Also, you can share, manage, and schedule your pins on Pinterest. 

2. Outbrain (https://www.outbrain.com/)

Outbrain is a content discovery app that offers pay-per-click models, which helps businesses reach more engaged audiences with their content.

Using this app, you can submit links to your content, which then appears as recommendations on some of the web’s largest content publishers and premium publisher sites. 

So, using this app, you can distribute your content on other sites. And Outbrain will deliver your content as sponsored or related posts alongside other sites’ content.

3. Hootsuite (https://hootsuite.com/)

Hootsuite is an application which allows you to schedule posts to publish at your preferred time. And depending on your marketing plan, you can post to multiple social media accounts. You can create the posts yourself for future publishing or you can select existing posts to repurpose in the future.

Hootsuite has a free plan which limits you to schedule 30 messages across three social media accounts.


And if you want to publish a ton of content across multiple social accounts, you can use the $30/month Professional plan. With this plan, you can schedule unlimited posts across ten social media accounts. Also, using this plan, you can set up bulk scheduling. 

Use any of these three apps to distribute and deliver content that meets your audience’s needs. This is how you’ll succeed in content marketing and scale your business.

Until next time, when we'll look at apps to help build a community or group with interests in common.