How many emails do you exchange with your team daily? How much time does it take to brief your team on progress and goals? Does your answer make you cringe? If so, you should update your collaboration tools. 

Rather than writing multiple emails daily, apps can help you simplify communication with your team. They can also help you organize your team better. Most apps for team collaboration have a wide range of collaborative features, which fosters quick communication.

However, choosing the right team chat app among the stockpile of such apps can be tedious and time-consuming. So, to save precious time, here are five of the best one-on-one and group chat apps that can help you improve your communication.

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#1: Troop Messenger (

This is a professional office chat app which allows you to share knowledge and data for collaborative business performance. Using this chat app, you can combine your whole team in a single platform. 

Troop Messenger is a group chat app which allows you to share in-house data with other applications without technical errors. This app can help you make your business operate more smoothly with several group setting options - such as sharing documents, files, images, and videos with no hitches. 

Also, Troop Messenger provides specific attachment options, such as the location. Plus, when using this app, you can copy and paste a message and send it to a specific team member. 

#2: Campfire (

This is an ideal group chat tool that’s designed only for group communication. With this chat app, you can have real-time conversations with your team. You can use this app to organize your projects online and assign tasks, media, and files easily.

This group chat app is perfect for internet-based businesses. 

#3: Connecteam (

Is your team non-desk? Or are your employees less tech-savvy? Then, Connecteam is your best bet. This chat app is not only super-easy to use but it will also improve your daily business routine.

This is because Connecteam allows live group chat conversations, a directory for all work contracts, immediate feedback, and a suggestion box. Connecteam keeps all your data safe and you can access it anytime with no storage limit.

#4: Slack (

This messaging app offers a robust and all-inclusive chat tool for small businesses. Not only does Slack offer one-on-one and group chat options, but it also offers individual and team audio calls and video conferencing.

Slack makes team collaboration much easier than most one-on-one and group chat apps. By using this app, you can organize multiple projects, teams and other things using hashtags. Also, you can share files by dragging and dropping them into the platform through file-sharing services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can sync all files and chats and archive them for future reference.

#5: Twist (

Twist is a chat app which turns all team chats into threads. It offers standard channels for group conversations but if you want to say something, you have to comment on an existing thread or create a new one. This keeps the conversation more focused, and it helps you see what your team discussed while you were away.

Also, you can use the Messages tab to send direct messages to anyone on your team, or you can create a group to send private messages. And if you want to take action on any message or thread, just use the Todolist button in the top right corner. This allows you to add a new task to your to-do list, which links back to the original message. 

One additional thing to bear in mind when choosing the right app for your business, is to consider the app that your audience uses. 

Look out for the next article, where we look at the best apps for customer support.

Until then,