Did you know that visual appeal is crucial? Images play a huge role on a website. They not only add life to a website, but they also make it convert better. 

Consumers no longer want to just browse through a site – they want to experience it. Using the right images can boost your conversion rate and it can help you connect better with your target market.

However, you can’t use any old image and expect to get maximum results. To get the maximum results from your site, you must include important details in your images.

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Do you know your audience’s demographics? Your target audience may vary depending on your website. If, for instance, most of your customers are female, it’s wise to use images with feminine colors, such as the stereotypical pink. And if your audience is male, it’s good to use images with darker colors. 

Also, you need to consider the age group, interests, professions, and locations, because these all affect how your target customers react to your images. 

So, what details should you include in your images to get better results?

1. A Map

Sometimes, it’s better to replace an image with a map that shows a business location. Including images showing your business location makes it easier for the customer to locate your physical shop and it makes it easier for them to do business with you, both of which ultimately improves customer experience.

Also, using images with your business location makes your business show up in “near me” searches. 

2. Hours of Operation

Images are an easy way to boost the customer experience on your site. They can help you grab your potential customers’ attention and guide their line of sight. They’re crucial in presenting important information such as hours of operation. 

To improve conversion using images, be sure to include when your business opens and when it closes on your images. 

3. Contact Details

Including a visible phone number or email address on your images makes it easier for current and potential customers to get in contact with you. Also, it makes it easier for them to make inquiries and leave feedback about their shopping experience. This can lead to more sales opportunities and ultimately more revenue.

Don’t just add images on your website for the sake of it. Make sure they are relevant and have important details; this will improve the customer experience and it’ll boost your conversions.

Next time, we’ll look at the importance of using schema metadata and markup to describe your business and website.

Until then,