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Finding a New Direction in Life for 2018 and Beyond


We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives. The trouble is that happiness and fulfillment mean different things to different people. They can also mean different things to us at different phases of our lives. For example, when we are children, we love to play games all day. However, this is not a recipe for happiness as adults, because we have to earn enough money to pay our bills and afford all of the necessities of life.

But that is not to say that we should not have any fun, or put up with a miserable job just for the sake of a paycheck, or become a crazed workaholic who is stressed all the time because we are told in society that we are supposed to "have it all."

It comes down to a question of work-life balance, and also an honest, holistic look at where you are in your life now, and whether it is really where you want to be in your personal and professional lives.

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If you discover that your current life no longer seems to meet your needs, it might be time to start looking for a new direction.

Let’s look first at signs it might be time for a profound change of direction in your life.

How to Tell That It's Time for a Change in Your Life

Do you jump out of bed every morning excited at the thought of a new day? Or do you keep hitting the snooze alarm and have to drag yourself out of bed and go through the motions?

Are you full of energy and vitality, or do you constantly suffer from aches and pains, and feel tired and stressed all the time?

If you're constantly feeling "a day late and a dollar short" no matter how hard you try, it might be time to consider finding a new direction in your life. 

You don’t have to feel stuck. It’s easy to get into a rut, doing the same things over and over again each day, because it's comfortable and easy. It is like living on autopilot. You don’t have to think about the next steps or make any big decisions. Everything is pretty much mapped out for you.

The trouble is that this seldom allows for real personal growth and the chance to fulfill many of your most cherished dreams. People stay in a job they hate because they are too scared to apply for a promotion or change careers completely. They stay at home and watch TV because they don’t have enough courage to take an evening class on a topic they would love to learn more about. They keep eating the same unhealthy foods because it is easier than learning how to cook, or because weight loss is so difficult for many people.  

They might also stay in a relationship that isn't fulfilling because it is familiar and less scary than putting yourself out there and starting to date again. For those of us who wonder how on earth anyone could stay in an abusive relationship, for example, sometimes it might be for the sake of the children. At other times, it might be a psychological issue, in which the person tells themselves that it is really what they "deserve."

Some people think that it might be too late for them to make significant changes in their lives. However, the truth is that it's never too late - if you're willing to take action.

If you've been thinking there's more to life than what you have at the moment, then it's time to start looking for a new direction in your life.

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Anna D. Banks, MAS, is a business coach, trainer, speaker and host of the Better Biz Better You Show (http// podcast. Anna works mainly with women professionals and business owners who desire a bigger business and self-development.  She facilitates workshops, seminars, training, and coaching to entrepreneurs, and owners of small and mid-sized business. In addition to her extensive training, business development and media experience, Anna is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and a Certified D.I.S.C. Behavioral Studies Trainer.

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