Most of us spend more time with our colleagues than with our friends and family. Working well as a team and bonding with your co-workers helps your work performance, but also your happiness while you are on the job. Here are a few tips to help you get along better: 

1. Assume everyone means well and wants to help the team

Often, office gossip makes it sound as if everyone is backstabbing, stealing credit for ideas, and sabotaging plans. Don’t buy into this negativity. Instead, start with the assumption that everyone wants to do a good job and see the team succeed. When you start from a positive place, you’ll be amazed at how much better your day gets.

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2. Assume everyone is capable of the job they have

It’s easy to gripe that someone is incompetent, lazy, or just plain dumb. Instead, accept everyone is in their job for a good reason, and is fully capable of doing a good job. Once you see everyone as capable, the next step is to learn from their approach. 

3. Recognize that everyone’s viewpoint is valid

You may disagree with your colleague, but always start with the premise that they have a good reason for thinking they way they do. Maybe they’ve been through this kind of problem before and can share some wisdom. Perhaps their diverse experience helps them spot a problem that you can’t see. By embracing various viewpoints, you can build strong, creative, high-functioning teams. 

4. Remember key facts about your colleagues

Humans have a natural desire to be seen and known. Become the person who always remembers birthdays or notices a new haircut, and your colleagues will come to love you. Today’s technology makes this easy. Whenever a client or co-worker mentions a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone, simply put a date reminder on your calendar, and you’ll always be prepared.