Just like life, sometimes we get bored with what we’re doing even if we are basically happy. Everything eventually becomes routine, that is if you are good at setting up business systems to help you become more productive, and you probably are. If you feel mostly satisfied, but you need to reignite your passion for your business coaching might do it.

Learning Something New 

When you learn how to coach people through whatever your chosen program is you must learn new things. Even though you’re an expert in something, you may still need to learn about how people learn, the types of mediums you can use to help them, and how best to motivate them toward success. Learning this is not just going to help them, it’s going to help you too.

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Engaging Different Aspects of Your Brain

Doing something yourself over motivating, teaching, and guiding others to do it is a different type of skill than doing it. Showing people how to get organized, helping them understand the tools they need, and doing it compassionately is a whole different ballgame. You’ll light up an entirely new brain area which is always an excellent way to feel happier and passionate about what you are doing.

Pushing Through Boundaries & Doubt

You’ll also have to train yourself or teach yourself (or take a course) in the best ways to deal with boundaries and doubt. Not just your clients but yours too. When you learn how to best deal with these types of emotions and aspects of your career, you’re going to simply feel more excited to get to your day.

Understanding & Developing More Patience

As you learn to be more understanding and to be more patient, as you engage with more challenging coaching clients, the skills of demonstrating your understanding and patience will go far in helping you become a sought-after coach.

You’ll Meet Excited, Passionate, Proactive People 

The neat thing about coaching is that your clients are already going to be people who are motivated, excited, passionate and more importantly proactive. The fact that they sign up and pay money to you in advance for your coaching program shows that they meet this criterion. When you hang around people who are excited and see things from a fresh new perspective, it will rub off on you.

It Feels Good to Help Others

Of course, it always feels good when you do good. Doing something good for someone isn’t changed just because you get paid. In fact, it’s a win-win for you and your client. People value things that they pay for, and you can feel good about their success and feel good about cashing their check too.

Making money is fun but so is feeling good about what you are doing. When you help other people do something that they really want to do the passion, you’ll feel, and the excitement going forward will feed your energy and let you reach higher than you ever thought possible.