Hi, and welcome to your article series on “Creating Case Studies for Your Business”, no matter what niche you are working in. We hope you get a lot out of it.

What Is a Case Study?

Case studies are becoming an increasingly popular type of information product, designed to report on a problem a company had and how they went about solving it. The case study will usually outline the action steps taken and the results. They can also outline tools used, unexpected outcomes, and hints and tips on what to do and what mistakes to avoid.

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Why Use Case Studies?

You can sell case studies to your target audience. You can also include them as part of a larger product. If you are a coach or consultant, you can include them as exclusive content for your clients. You could put them into a members-only portal for them to learn more. 

Case studies offer extra income, prestige and authority. They show you have your finger on the pulse of your niche or industry. Your own case studies also show you are the real deal. You are not just dealing in theories, but actual practice. 

Where Can You Get Good Case Studies?

The easiest place is within your own company. Set a goal and track your actions towards achieving that goal. Organize your materials as "before" and "after," with screenshots, reports and so on.

You can also invite companies to give you a case study, such as if they are a client who has been using one of your products or services.

For broader topics, you might ask for volunteers, create a questionnaire, and then compile several case studies into one large report.

The most important thing to consider if you are getting case studies from external sources is that you need to be protective of their privacy and not release any proprietary information which could harm their business in some way. 

Case studies can be a golden opportunity to earn additional income and position yourself as an expert worth paying attention to, which can mean more clients and customers.

So, what are some of the types of case studies that will sell well and boost your business? We will start looking at some of them in the next article.

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