Do you or your child have ADHD? There are powerful medications that can help, but what if you could handle it without medication? With meditation, you may have a chance. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

First, you may wonder how someone with ADHD can even meditate in the first place. But, no worries; with the right training and perseverance, anyone with ADHD can use mindful meditation practices to make their lives much better – and yes – meditate successfully. 

Understand that mindfulness is not a religious or spiritual practice. It’s just a way to learn how to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and your body. By using meditation, you can learn how to pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, and body at any given point in the day. It’s a system that enables you to check in with yourself so that you maintain control of yourself.

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What’s more is that it works. It works at a higher rate than medication. A study has shown that 78 percent of participants who practiced meditation reported fewer ADHD symptoms than those who were either on medication or doing nothing. So how is this possible?

* Activates Your Body’s Natural Drugs – Everyone can release natural drugs into their brain through the release of endorphins and serotonin to help control extra adrenalin that causes anxiety, stress, and ADHD symptoms. 

* Helps Teach Discipline – By learning how to breathe and relax (on command), meditation can teach discipline to practitioners that they can call on any time, even during conversations or activities, without having to go into any sort of deep trance.

* It Changes Brain Chemistry – Studies have shown that regular meditation changes your brain chemistry. It balances the brain chemistry so that you can deal better with impulse control issues such as the inability to pay attention and lack of self-control. This works for both adults and children who are taught the techniques.

* It Builds Focusing Skill – Because the very practice of meditation is about learning to be mindful in the now, focus on breathing, and learn to control thoughts, it’s something that can be used by the ADHD sufferer at any point to help bring control to any moment. 

If you’re not convinced, why not give meditation a try to find out if it’ll help you? Even if you don’t have ADHD, meditation can still help you learn to focus on anything better by training your body and mind what it’s really like to focus. 

Want to age gracefully? The answer is to incorporate meditation into your day to help protect the brain from decline. Read all about it in the last of this series about meditation.