Thanks to the internet, we now have all of humanity’s collective wisdom at our fingertips. This can be a tremendous resource for getting work done. However, infinite information (and infinite cat videos) can also eat up infinite time if we let it. Get your internet and social media habits under control with these tips. 

Turn Off Notifications 

Unless you are the social media manager, turn off notifications on your devices. After all, do you really need to know that your Aunt Susie liked your latest cat photo while you are trying to get a report finished by deadline? Studies show that after each interruption, it can take up to 25 minutes to refocus. 

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If there are notifications that you absolutely must receive, most social media site and email clients allow you to select specific notifications and turn off the rest. Be realistic about what you really need to see instantly. Even if an email is from your boss, do you really need to stop working on today’s assignment to read about next week’s meeting? 

Limit Your Access

Many browsers have plugins that prevent you from visiting certain sites at certain times. If you know you have trouble controlling your itch to check Facebook, these tools can be invaluable. 

Go Old-School 

If your job allows it, try to work with no internet connection at all. You can turn off your internet connect for specified periods or do some work on a different machine that isn’t connected to the net. Many people love working on very old computers for just this reason.

Go Surfing (Occasionally)

Everyone needs a break from time to time, and it’s unrealistic to think that you won’t check the internet at all. Pick a few break times each day when you allow yourself to check your favorite social networks and websites. Set a timer for when you need to stop and stick to it. 

Now that you know how to avoid internet distractions, join us next time to find out how to deal with interrupting colleagues.