Before you embark on adding coaching to your business model, it’s important to determine if coaching is right for you. Before you do that though please guard yourself against turning imposter syndrome into a reason not to add coaching. If you are an expert in an area of life or business, you can offer coaching. 

What is My Expertise? 

What is the thing you’re going to do for your clients that will help them more than anything else? For example, if you’ve self-published 20 books and you have ten best sellers, you’re an expert at self-publishing, maybe marketing your books and more. What can you then do to help your coaching clients do? You can support any type of author to self-publish, or you can help them finish their first book so that they can publish. Or both. 

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What Will I Offer My Clients?

How are you going to turn that expertise into something that can help your clients? As in the example above, you can see that you can go more than one direction with that expertise in terms of coaching others. Set up a sales page listing the things you’re going to offer your clients in your coaching program so that you can figure out what you may want to offer them. Remember to focus on their problems within your expertise.

Am I Capable of Listening? 

A coach, if anything, is a good listener. They are good at listening to what their client says and then repeating it back in their own words and helping lead them toward an answer that resonates with the client. If you can become good at hearing and really getting to know your clients, you can be a good coach.


The other aspect you should consider is why you’re doing it. The why can contain two factors. Why in terms of for your clients and why in terms of your business. For example, you may decide that you will coach your clients to finishing their books because you know how it feels to get your own book done and out there. 

You also want to do it because you want more excitement in your business and to have a way to connect with your clients on a more personal level, and yes, it’s okay to do it because you want to add an income stream. Whatever your reasons, be able to state them.

Taking the time to explore your feelings on these questions is an important thing to do before jumping in. But don’t make yourself start thinking that you’re not qualified. If you already have a business and you’re good at doing something, even if you’re only a level or two ahead of those you want to coach that’s okay. You can do this. One way to choose is to understand the facts, next time we’ll reveal some surprising stats about coaching that you probably don’t know.