For people to contract with you, they need to have confidence in you. They need to know that you’re going to do what you say you’ll do. But, how can they know this before you work with them? There are plenty of signs that they’ll look at to determine if you’re trustworthy.

* Do What You Say You Will – Whether it’s in a group, one-on-one, or otherwise, it’s important that you don’t tell people things that you won’t remember or follow up with. If you’re not good at remembering, write it down. Then follow up and do it as soon as possible so that you have less of an opportunity to forget.

* Think before You Speak – Don’t just talk to hear yourself talk. Instead, think before you speak and let your potential clients do more talking. You can lead the conversation by asking the right questions, then think before you respond. Understand that some quiet space is okay, and repeat to them what you thought you heard so that you have time to form the right answer.

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* Learn Strong Communication Skills – You can learn and then practice strong communication skills in numerous ways. Join a Toastmasters club, take a class communications course or high a coach with experience to help you improve your communication skills. When you learn how to communicate properly, your audience will feel more trust for you because they know you hear them.

* Give Them the Spotlight – When you give other people the spotlight and put yourself behind them and prop them up, they will start to trust you more and have more confidence in you as someone they want to work with. Call out current clients when they’re successful so that your prospects see how you put your clients first.

* Anticipate Their Needs – When you have a strong prospective client that you really want to work with, find ways to anticipate their needs and put these right in front of them. When you give people what they want and need, they will think you’re a mind reader.

* Provide Testimonials – Make it part of your process to collect testimonials to post on your website and LinkedIn. When you show happy clients you’ve made a difference to, it makes it easier for other clients to have confidence in you and your abilities.

Instilling confidence really comes from example, time, and proof. When your audience sees that other people are satisfied with your work, you have real-world examples of their success, and you are good at following up, your potential clients will feel the utmost confidence in you.

Another way to get the confidence of other people is to learn how to maintain your professionalism. Check out the next article for more information.


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