Anytime you want to learn something about your audience, the best way to do it is to spend more time with them. Join the lists they join. Follow the influencers they follow. Become part of the group as much as you can while you research. But, pay a lot of attention to the audience and how they respond to the influencer. 

* Ask Them – Send out a poll asking your audience for an opinion about a title for an upcoming product or service. This serves more than one purpose. You can get them to give you a title, but you can also create buzz about the new product. Then you can offer it to them using their words.

* Read Their Comments – When they comment in their groups or on blog posts, what language do they use? Are they upbeat? Are they serious? Is the topic itself serious? All of this goes together to help you find your business voice and tone that will work best to get more customers. 

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* Join a Mastermind – This will cost some money, but someone in your niche is probably offering masterminds to your audience demographic. If you can attend some of these masterminds and observe your audience and how they behave, you’ll learn so much about how to use that same language in your posts on social media. 

Spend more time with them and make it the majority of who you are around, and you’ll learn more about them. Many business owners join groups, but they tend to join them as if they’re the old-fashioned break room or "water cooler" chat to talk to colleagues. You want to talk to your audience. When you learn their language, you’ll do so much better with all your copy. 

Next time we’ll get into how to write social media post headlines that get results.