It’s no secret that a compelling graphic or picture is the eye candy cover to your amazing content. So much so that it can pull your fans and followers in, and keep them coming back for more.

Together, the right graphic coupled with fantastic content are the makings of a powerful one-two punch.

So, just like that old 80s hit sung by Robert Palmer, here’s how you can make your pics and graphics “Simply Irresistible”. 

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1. Proper Lighting Goes a LONG Way

For your graphic to look professional and appealing, it’s essential that it be bright, light and easy to read. 

Avoid dark images, as many key details tend to get lost.

Take inventory and review your last several images. Were they easy to read?

2. Use Pictures to Tell Your Story

Pictures are powerful. They have the ability to persuade, motivate, mesmerize and enthrall. They also tell a unique story, connecting your audience with your message in a compelling and impactful way.

Whether humorous, controversial or emotional, telling your story through images can create massive results. A good example of this is Disney, who for many decades has always done an excellent job in connecting their brand story to avid followers and fans. 

3. Follow the Rule of One

Did you know that in a one-hour talk, an audience can only retain one key point?

Likewise, when it comes to your graphics, limit them to one point.

What is the one point you want to get across? Say it in a way that’s compelling, creates a call to action, and speaks to your audience.

Once you’ve determined your one point, apply one of these rules to your post:

  • Offer a solution
  • Offer an answer to a problem
  • Show “how to” do something
  • Encourage them to make a decision
  • Tell a relatable story
  • Inspire through “feel-good” stories

A picture in social media is oftentimes worth more than a thousand words. Don’t make the mistake of using pictures just for the sake of having a picture.

4. Evoke Emotion

There are only three reasons consumers buy:

  • To satisfy a basic necessity — food, clothing, shelter
  • To solve a problem — what’s their concern, challenge or problem
  • To better themselves — better body, life, bank account

Once you understand your market, you can truly speak to their wants and desires. If you know what they want, you can translate that into a powerful message in a minute. 

5. Speak in Benefits, Not Features

Have you ever purchased a new car? 

If so, what attracted you? The shiny new cup holder, power windows, leather seats or the easy access remote key? You get the drift.

So how can you speak in benefits to your clients?

Here are a few great examples:

  • This toothpaste says it has stain-removing properties. The benefit? You walk away with a brighter, better smile.
  • A car has anti-lock brakes. What does this mean? The car will stop and potentially save your family. That’s a benefit.
  • This book has a ton of history lessons. Benefit? You’ll be able to share special moments in time with your loved ones.

The lesson? 

People buy based on benefits.

6. Use a Fabulous Font

From Arial to Times Roman, your font says a lot about you.

What are you trying to convey? Decide who you are, what your business is about and how you want your message to be communicated.

Are you funny, serious, casual? Each font speaks volumes about you and your business, putting a face and personality behind it.

7. Brand It 

Your graphics should be a direct reflection of your business, both offline and online.

Take the time to create a seamless interpretation of your offline brand and weave that into all of your online content. This includes the look and feel of your images.

What are you trying to portray with each image? What is your goal and what emotion are you eager to arouse?

Each image is an opportunity to create a feeling of familiarity between business and consumer.

Follow these tips and before you know it, your social media pics and images will be simply irresistible!  

Look out for the next article, where we give great tips on how to bring your pics and videos to life.