When you want to attract quality clients, it’s imperative to be consistent in the way you deal with people -whether it’s in person or online. You need to use professional words, have a professional attitude, and act in a professional manner.

Social Media

It can be hard to remember, but even when you’re on your personal Facebook page, something you say there can end up biting you later if you’ve allowed business colleagues to follow you. Look at how many people have been fired recently for expressing openly controversial opinions about politics.

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Politics, Religion, Sex

There are some things that in some audiences you just shouldn’t talk about. Most of the time that’s politics, religion, and sex. While you may need to speak out when it’s important to you, it’s also imperative that you weigh your word to ensure that you’re being professional and thoughtful. How you act is important too. For example, depending on your audience, you may not want pictures of you downing shots and acting drunk or disorderly on your public Facebook page.

Projecting a Professional Attitude

Also, projecting a professional attitude is a good way to ensure that your audience trusts you more. For example, if someone posts something on social media that is negative about you, how do you respond? A professional knows how to differentiate spam from real critique. If they know you’re going to respond to criticism very professionally, they’re going to be more likely to provide feedback than if you break down and cry - or worse, if you get angry.

How You Dress

Thankfully, these days there are many different definitions of appropriate dress. But, it’s important to know your industry before you just dress how you want to. Get some ideas from others about how to dress and present yourself if you need to update your look. There are brand coaches that help with not only website branding, but entire makeovers for your physical appearance and brand too.

You Don’t Have to Be a Robot

While it’s true that you’re not a robot, everything you do and say will reflect on your business. That’s why it’s important to choose a business model that reflects your authentic self and your values, and that your ideal audience does too. It’ll make it easier because you’ll be able to be professional while still being you.

When you’re networking (and sometimes even when you’re with your family and friends), your business needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts and actions. That’s why it’s important to choose the right business for you.

Sometimes having a business trying to sell feels icky to some people, but there is no reason why you need to sell your soul to be a winner with your clients. Don’t miss the next article about this very thing.


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