Last time, we discussed how valuable business-related case studies can be in showing the way to success for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this article, we will be discussing two more important categories, finance and marketing. 


Finance case studies can offer valuable guidance for small businesses. Topics include:

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* Budgeting

* Best accounting practices

  Automation to streamline the business and institute cost savings

* Decreasing costs, increasing profits

* The best ways to raise venture capital

* Incorporating and dealing with shareholders

* Financial records and how to use them

* Cash flow  

And so on

* Boosting leads while reducing costs

* Increasing return on investment by 500%

* Email marketing case studies:

Building a list from scratch

Gaining more leads for less money and effort

Increasing the open rate for your emails

Increasing the conversion rate from browsers to buyers

  Case studies on best practices using a particular email marketing platform, such as:


Constant Contact


And so on 

  Personalization in emails

  Segmenting email marketing lists for higher conversions

* Video marketing

Adding video to your marketing mix

Adding video to your information products

Adding live video to your marketing

Effective marketing on YouTube

* Successful marketing automation

Tools to use to automate many common marketing activities


Retargeting, also referred to as remarketing, is the process of tagging customers who have been to your site by dropping a cookie on them. Whenever they are online and visit a site in the remarketing network, it will show information about the product they looked at. They will see the item for 30 days, or until they buy. Popular topics include:

* How to use free or cheap retargeting tools to boost conversions

* How to use your Facebook pixel

* How to set up Facebook pixel campaigns

Press Releases

A popular topic here is how to use press releases to market your business effectively.

Finance and marketing are essential for all small businesses to master. We have listed several popular topics and there are many more possibilities too. 

Let’s look in the next article at more niches that are ideal for case studies.

Until then,