Did you know that there is a powerful way to ensure your site visitors remember you and think about you again and again? The tactic is called retargeting.

You can be at the top of mind of your ideal customer every single day if you want to be, by using retargeting tactics. Essentially, retargeting is all about using technology such as pixels and cookies that enable you to deliver ads such as banner ads and social media platform ads to previous site visitors - and only them, as if by magic. In this 7-week series you’ll learn about retargeting and how to use it in your business.

You are busy with content marketing, filling out your funnels, emailing your audience and so forth. But you may be missing out on this important method for connecting with your audience. The method is called retargeting and is a fundamental and very powerful marketing tactic that will boost engagement and of course, sales. Let’s look more closely at retargeting and what it means.

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When someone comes to your website landing page, they have about a 4 percent chance to convert in some way - whether that’s joining your email list or purchasing from you. What happens to the other 96 percent of your visitors? They forget about you, most likely.

With retargeting, you can stay at the top of their mind if you want to. 

Here's how it works: 

You install a bit of special code to your website called a pixel. When your website visitor comes to your site, a cookie is installed on their browser that marks them as a visitor to your site. You set up an advertisement that is triggered when that cookie is recognized. 

When triggered, the advertisement you set up for them to see is delivered. Your viewer may or may not notice it and may or may not click on it, but more than likely they will. You can deliver the ad to them wherever they go on the net, or you can choose a particular platform to run the retargeting ad.

Studies show that up to 70 percent of your former website visitors who click on the advertisement to go back to your site convert. How many clicks you get will depend on how well you target them and convince and persuade them to click. This is one of the most powerful forms of display advertising that you can do. 

Thanks for reading. Next time, we’ll talk about the times you should consider retargeting to get people to come back to your offers.