”Meetings are my favorite time of day!” said no one, ever.

Meetings are sometimes necessary, and a well-run meeting can be very useful. However, too often meetings take over your day, and generate more and more work without leaving you time to do your actual job. Here are some tips for taming the meeting monster. 

Beware of Recurring Meetings 

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Are your recurring meetings helpful, or are you just going because they are on your schedule? Make sure your regular meetings: 

* Have a clear (and measurable!) goal

* Have an agenda

* Have reportable outcomes

If all else fails, have a “standing only” policy for your recurring meetings. When people are standing, they get right to the point. 

Don’t Double Up

If you are going to many meetings with the same person, see if you can divide and conquer. Send just one team member to a meeting and have them report back if there are any action items.  

Know Why You Are There

Ask yourself why you are going to a meeting. If it’s just for information, read the meeting minutes later. Only go to meetings where you are contributing. 

Demand Better Meetings

Hold meeting organizers accountable for running a useful meeting. Every meeting should:

* Have an agenda, including time limits

* Involve everyone in the room. If the people in the meeting aren’t contributing, either they shouldn’t be there OR someone is monopolizing the conversation. 

* Have someone take minutes and assign action items

Robert’s Rules of Order is a wonderful resource for running meetings. 

Link — https://www.amazon.com/Roberts-Rules-Order-Revised-Paperback/dp/030682020X

Remember: Meetings Aren’t Work

 Meetings are simply a tool to facilitate work. Evaluate the effectiveness of your meetings, cancel what you can, make the rest more efficient, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done in a day. 

Now that you’ve got your meetings under control, join us next time for a look at how to delegate effectively.