One of the simplest platforms to try when setting up your retargeting campaign is Facebook. Facebook has one of the easiest advertisement management systems. It’s easy to join, easy to use and it works too. These tips will ensure your success with Facebook retargeting ads.

* Double-Check Ad Size and Rules – Like most platforms, Facebook change their sizes and rules occasionally. Right before you have all the marketing materials created, double-check or ask your graphic designer to double-check. If you tell them what the ad is for that they’re creating, they should always check.

* Know What Your Goal Is for the Advertisement – When you create the images, the copy, and the advertisement’s CTA, you need to know what your goal is. Is it brand awareness? Is it to build your list? Is it to get them to buy something? When you know the goal, you can make the CTA correct and the copy right.

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* Create a Special Landing Page – Don’t send former visitors to just any page of your site, and especially not the home page or the exact page they went to before. Instead, send them to a special landing page that is targeted toward them and your special CTA.

* Use Eye-Catching Images – Ads that have images or video perform better on Facebook. If you use video, be sure to use captions for any words, or to state that the video has no sound so that those watching at work will know what they’re seeing. 

* Use Compelling Copy – You won’t have much space for copy, so use it properly to convey your CTA. Choose every single word that will make the most impact and get across the actions you want them to take.


* Don’t Deliver Too Few or Too Many – Set up the ads to deliver from 7 to 15 times to each person; no more and no less. The reason is that too much feels like stalking while with too little, they may not notice. 

* Improve Your Email List and Autoresponder Messages – Don’t forget about the back-end issues that happen after they convert. If your autoresponder messages aren’t up to date and your email software doesn’t work, the retargeting campaign won’t work either. 

You can be successful with Facebook retargeting campaigns if you have a website that gets at least 500 visitors a month, your website works well and is up to date, plus you have a product to sell and an email list to build. 

What are you waiting for? If you like email marketing, learn about how to retarget and reactivate your email list using this method. Next time, we'll give some tips for successful email retargeting, aimed at members on your email list.