There are various types of content that you can create for each stage of the buying journey. Today we’ll talk about the types of content buyers need to gain awareness. It’s important to know in advance the types of content you’ll need so that you can either create it yourself, buy it in private label rights form, or hire a writer. 

The content needed at this stage is:

* Research studies

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* EBooks

* Expert content 

* White papers 

* Educational content

This content can be in any format. You can use audio, video, and text. You can use the different types of content individually or combine them. The purpose of the content needs to be clear to you. At this point, you’re trying to educate them about their problem and the solutions, so that they can make up their mind.

Sometimes that’s easier to do with printed content, but other times it’s easier to do with video content. Regardless of format, this type of content is informational, factual, and often has a lot of data in it that can also become memes and quotes. You can post this type of content on your blog, social media, and as content upgrades, depending on the topic. 

You want to place this content exactly where your audience will see it, right when they need the information. Ensure that you use the right keywords, the right titles, headlines, headers and so forth, so that your information shows up in the search engines on the first page. Plus, promote the content yourself so that people will consume it and follow it until they finally buy your items. 

The second stage of your buyer’s journey is consideration. This is when they’ll go over the various types of solutions to their problem, including yours. Next time, we’ll talk more about choosing the right content for this stage in your buyer’s journey. 

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