In the last article, we discussed how laughter can help many aspects of your professional life. This time, we want to talk about how it can help in your personal life.

The Many Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughter has many health benefits. It improves circulation and muscle tone. It releases toxins from the body and can be said to give an internal massage to the organs. It boosts the immune system by promoting the circulation of lymph in the body, which can help ward off disease. It relieves stress and tension, and enhances mood, freeing people from depression, anxiety, and similar disorders.

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But one of the most important effects of laughter is chemical as well as physical, with laughter serving as a natural pain reliever.

Introducing Endorphins

Endorphins are commonly referred to as "feel-good" chemicals. They are a type of neurotransmitter than sends signals to and from the brain. They boost mood and can also relieve pain. In fact, studies have shown that the effect of exercise and laughter is the equivalent of prescription opioid medications.

In particular, laughter with friends relieves pain and enhances one’s quality of life. Those with chronic pain can tolerate their pain better and not have their life completely put on hold by it. Many people who have chronic illnesses can become depressed about their condition. Around 50% of seniors also show signs of depression as their health changes for the worse. 

Laughter, however, alters pain receptors so the pain doesn’t register fully. Exercise also releases endorphins, so laughter yoga, for example, can give you a double dose of pain relief.

Ways to Make the Most of Laughter

One study showed significant pain relief after people watched comedy films. The study did indicate, however, that the laughter has to be genuine, which can be an issue with some of the exercises done during laughter yoga. 

The change in breathing can relieve chest pain and help people breathe more easily. The improvement in circulation and removal of toxins can also offer pain relief.

Prescription drugs can be highly addictive. In fact, there is a huge opioid addiction crisis in the US. Therefore, anything you can do to get pain relief naturally is a good idea.

Now that you know why laughter can be so beneficial in your professional and personal life, let’s look next at ways to laugh more every day.

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