You likely have plenty of older content on your blog or within your older offers. Thankfully, you can easily spruce up old content so that it keeps working for you even if it contains completely out of date information. 

Update the Info 

This is the easiest way. Just open the blog post and edit it, updating the information to make sense for whatever is happening now. For example, if you had a blog post on your site with all the sizes for Google Ads and it’s changed, you’ll want to go in and change it. 

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Always make a note at the top and perhaps the end of the post about when the post was updated, for your own needs and the audience's. Reshare everywhere when you’ve updated it as if it was brand new. For example, if this post is also pasted into an evergreen autoresponder someplace, find it and put the new one over it. 

Replace Images

If you have out of date or old-looking images, spruce up the post by adding better ones. Ensure that you fill in all "alt" information so that you will also update the SEO in the process. Replacing the images will make the post look fresher. If you had an image of no particular size, you might want to update the post with Pinterest images. 

Fix Formatting

If you now format things differently or use a different font, go through and simply ensure that the formatting is right for online reading still. Sometimes when you change fonts, even though it goes site wide, the way you formatted the article previously might look slightly off now. Plus, you may have learned more about formatting and online reading since you first published that content.

Update Title

This can be tricky because you don’t want to change the URL of the post. So, if you do update the title, don’t change the URL unless you had a habit of using dates in your URL. Keep in mind though that when the URL changes, all links from other sites will also change and you may want to add a redirect to ensure that anyone who clicks the old link will still see the content. 

Add More Information

If you have received feedback, case studies, and so forth about the content, add some quotes from others within the content to help the reader get even more out of reading the blog post.

Clean Up Links

For some reason or another, links can get corrupted and stop working. This is called broken links. Make it a habit to check regularly for broken links on your site. If you have a WordPress site, you can use a special plugin to find broken links and keep them working.  

Add Monetization

It’s likely when you first started blogging, monetization wasn’t top priority. Go back through old posts and be sure to add any offers and calls to action that are missing. Plus, make sure you are recommending more content to them too.

When you make these improvements, it’ll spruce up old content and make it useful again. You can often extend the life of all your content by regularly making it a habit to check and update all of your old content, especially on popular posts. 

In our next article, we'll give some examples of how others have repurposed content so that you have a clear idea of how it all works.