Digital marketing is booming, leading to an unprecedented number of career opportunities for people who have the right skills and a work ethic to match. 

It takes a lot of varied skills to run a website successfully. One interesting recent survey gives us an idea of just how many roles are required, and how hot they are in terms of demand: 

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Content Is King

Everything on the internet starts with content, so it is not surprising that content creation is ranked as the third highest in-demand position at present. Content strategy is #7 and content management is #9. These days, you can’t create just any old content. There has to be a reason for it, based on your target audience’s needs and the need to offer a variety of content as well.

In terms of content management, as a website grows, more and more assets are created, and they need to be managed so staff don’t keep reinventing the wheel. Making sure everything is named appropriately or tagged makes it easier for staff to find what they need, and time is money, so this can be of great benefit company wide.


Graphic design stands at #13, web/graphic production at #27, illustration #29, photo editing #34, and visual design #37. While these numbers are a lot lower than for written content creators, it is important to note that good graphics are essential to any successful online business these days. They are used on-site, in social media, and more. Many businesses resort to stock photographs, but this means many sites start to look the same after a while, so custom graphics will always be needed.

Social Media Management

This is listed as #10. It is an extremely important part of online marketing and relationship building. Some people specialize in only one network, such as Facebook, while others offer a full range of the most popular sites. There are lots of job opportunities, but this is also one job that is pretty much never-ending, just like content creation. Coming up with an editorial calendar of posts, cross-posting, and using automated tools are essential in order to manage this busy job.


A lot of math geeks might think that they are being left behind in the boom to create content, but the truth is that successful businesses need number crunchers who can make sense of complicated traffic and sales reports and advise on what to do next. 

Digital business analytics is #1 on the chart of personnel most in demand. Web traffic analytics is #6 and eCommerce analytics is #8. Pay-per-click analytics, such as through Google AdWords or Facebook ads, is #17. Search engine marketing and search engine optimization is #20 and site merchandising is #26. 


There are large numbers of positions related to website design, particularly in relation to making a site mobile friendly (#12) and usable to the target audience (#14). Some people design interactivity (#30), others design presentations (#31).

It takes a village to create, run and grow a successful site, which means ample job opportunities for people with the right skills.

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