In the last article, we discussed why case studies can be an excellent opportunity to add income and prestige to your business. This time, we want to start taking a look at the kinds of case studies that people in your niche would be eager to see. 

Business Case Studies

Every small business can use a helping hand when it comes to laying a solid foundation for success. One of the most common ways business owners try to grow their companies and increase their success is by modeling their activities on those who have a recognizable track record of achievement. 

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Beginner Case Studies

There have been countless online startups since the internet began to become popular around 20 years ago, and aspiring entrepreneurs soon realized how easy it was to start an online business. Case studies to do with startups that failed, as well as ones that succeeded, can be valuable "teaching moments" for small online business owners.

Growth Strategies

Starting up is actually relatively easy. It is creating sustained growth after the initial stages that can often be quite difficult. Yet growth is essential if the company is ever to earn a profit and be able to stay in business. Case studies about growth strategies, tools used, and lessons learned can all help. 

Basic Business Essentials

Many new business owners these days do not have a business background or an MBA. Therefore, they may not be familiar with the essentials for running a business, such as setting up a business entity, bookkeeping, taxation, using spreadsheets, financial reporting, and so on. Case studies can be the perfect how-to guides for getting things organized correctly using free or cheap tools. 

Website Creation and Growth

Every online business needs a website. It should serve as the hub of all their business activities, with prospective clients and customers being sent to the URL for the great content that the business will hopefully be creating, and the wonderful products they will be selling. Case studies on HTML and on blogging sites using WordPress, for example, can help take the guesswork out of creating a website that will impress your target audience.

Product Creation

You need to be able to sell things in order to make a profit. Case studies that instruct on how to create new products and sell them successfully can be just what busy business owners are looking for.

Let’s look in the next article at more niches that are ideal for case studies.

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