EAST ORANGE, NJ - Summer Jam was back! On August 24th, Mayor Ted R. Green and the Third and Fourth Ward Council-members of East Orange hosted their 11th annual Summer Jam & House Music Festival at Elmwood Park, playing “music for the soul”. 

It was a bustling event filled with laughter, dancing, shopping from local entrepreneurs and enticing aromas that you could smell from blocks away. The community could be seen walking for blocks, eager to join the festivities. A smile took over everyone’s face as they stepped into the event. 

Families were out with their sports chairs and tents, protecting them from the glaring sun, as they ate soul food from the plethora of food stands around the park. Children ran around near the play area, while adults danced to some killer beats from the DJ booth on stage. 

There was a heart-felt thank you from Mayor Ted R. Green, as he and his associates received a round of applause for putting the event together. It was announced that the event would last two days the following year, as gift towels were thrown into the crowd. The event was fun and exhilarating and was certainly, a job well done.