EAST ORANGE, NJ - The Change Makers radio show has been making waves since it aired in October of 2015. Each week it features politicians, entertainers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs, along with other very notable guests. This week they are pleased to introduce to their listening audience, Nabruh Productions of Kean University.


Jeen Exume:

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Founder CEO/President - Jeen was born in Haiti in September of 1993 and came over to America in 1995 with his mother and father. He grew up in the city of Linden, New Jersey where he ran track and field and cross country. Outside of school, Jeen was involved with his church communities and he still is. Jeen went on to college after high school, earning his Associates degree from Middlesex County College and then transferring to Kean University where he received his Bachelors in English Studies and Communications. Jeen first aired on the radio in 2016  with The New Cougar Radio  at Kean University. He is the primary leader of Nabruh Production.

Saad Majeed

Co-Founder CEO/ Vice President - Saad was born in the United States on September 6th, 1995. He was born in Livingston and raised in Essex County throughout his entire life. Saad graduated from West Orange High school in 2013 and decided to attend Kean University on a last minute decision. Ever since Saad began his educational journey at Kean University, he has made tremendous strides while also changing the lives of people and students on and off campus. He is currently and English major with a strength in business and communications. Saad first aired on Radio in 2016 with Jeen on Nabruh Talk at Kean University. He is  another primary leader of Nabruh Production

Oluwakemi Alade

CO-host- Oluwakemi Alade was born January 29th, 1996. She is a  Nigerian American from Franklin Park, New Jersey . Kemi is currently finishing up her final semester of undergraduate studies at Kean University with a focus in Communication. During her time at Kean, she has earned the title of being the president of the  Pan-African Student Union for the second year straight. She is a returning executive board member and Vice President of Kean Universities Women of Excellence, and Styled by Us treasurer. When Kemi is not on campus, she js operating PFS (Primerica Financial Services) Investments as a Regional Manager and is looking forward to becoming one of their Regional Vice Presidents soon after her graduation in may of 2018. Kemi has a passion  to create better environments for people like her older brother with special needs and disabilities who are often forgotten in the topic of social issues. She currently holds a 3.2 GPA and fighting for the honors cord she desperately yearns. There is no doubt she will get it. Kemi first came on air with Nabruh Talk in 2016 during the second season. She has been nothing but exceptional to the team and will continue to be a powerful piece to our driving force.

Hussain Al-Khalil

Photographer/Film Maker - Hussain Al-Khalil was born in November of 1992. He grew up in Hillside, New Jersey. He is currently a respected photographer/film maker. His focus is on painting pictures through photography, film and intriguing wordplay through his stories and poems. Hussain tries to add a personal touch to his art while helping others alongside him rise up along with him. Hussain has his own film production called, “Undefeated Losers”. A very talented team of individuals. During Hussains, growth, he played football in high school, always known as one of the bigger guys in the school because of his height. After highschool, Hussain went ahead and attended Union County College in hopes of getting a formal education in film, but due to health implications, he was not able to continue and then came to the realization that in order to succeed in film, a degree is not required, but more so of the work you have created and the connections you have with people. Hussain is the visual leader and another vital piece of Nabruh Production.

Maymoonah Kelly

Photographer/Film Maker - May was born in New Jersey on March 5th.

She graduated High School in 2013. May is currently a film student at Montclair University and will likely graduate in May 2019. May is a 22 year old. She is currently an advocate for POC and Hijabi rights and also spreading awareness of the culture and various stereotypes presented. As a WOC (Woman of Color) and Muslim, she is constantly challenged on what she can and cannot do. Some of the many key objectives she strives to accomplish on a day to day basis in her videos and film productions is expanding the boundaries of what POC and Hijabi’s can accomplish. May also dabbles in Painting as she has always been artistic in previous works with graphic art, expressive art, costume design and now also photography. She is also an African-American studies seeker, and current Writer and future entrepreneur. Her goal is to become a Successful Black Female Muslim Filmmaker and showcase that POC (people of color) can do more than just slave and struggle movies. She aspires to share her vision and tell stories to the world. May is one of our new developing creatives within the Nabruh family. She also loves pretzels.

Jennifer Padilla

Journalist- Jennifer Padilla is a Puerto Rican native. She was born in Puerto Rico and came to America at the age of 11. Most of Jennifer's memorable times are placed in Puerto Rico. Jennifer now lives in Perth Amboy, Jersey. She is getting ready to earn her undergraduate degree in journalism/communications. She is a very passionate writer who is highly involved in “The Tower”, which is the news paper team at Kean University. One of Jennifer's goals is to become a journalist for Puerto Rico. Jennifer plays the role as a writer and topic generator for the Nabruh team.

Co-hosts Royston Allman, Rebecca Saint Louis, Eric Perryman, and Queen Aaminah bring a combined twenty years of experience in broadcasting. Every Saturday you can hear them engaging in enlightening discussions with news-makers from across the country and abroad about the issues of the day. They air every Saturday from 2pm-4pm EST on  WZYE LP 95.9 FM In Studio Call You can also tune in online for Facebook Live on the The Changemakers Show Page, TUNEIN, or dial in to AudioNow (605) 468-589.