ESSEX COUNTY, NJ - The Essex County Young Democrats (ECYD), a democratic organization that engages young democrats under 37 in the political process is excited to announce the newly instated executive board along with the reactivation of the organization’s general body. 

The mission of the ECYD is to stimulate and encourage the young people of Essex County, New Jersey, to have an active interest in governmental affairs, including, but not limited to, involvement at all levels of the Democratic Party. We promote the acquisition of political power by young people, maintaining the viability of our free institutions, the advocation of issues and legislation from the perspective of the young electorate, and actively contribute to the growth and influence of the ideals held by the young citizens of Essex County, New Jersey.

“I cannot wait to engage more young people in the political process by providing them with exciting educational policy programming and political activities over the next several months,” says Imani Oakley, Esq., ECYD Executive Chair. “I'm extremely honored and humbled to have been chosen to serve as this year's Executive Chair and with such a great team beside me, we plan to make a significant impact."  

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Increasing educational program regarding policy initiatives that effect Essex County and the nation at large, promoting political activities such as “Get Out The Vote” and advocating for policies that will elevate underserved communities are just a few of the goals the ECYD hopes to address with the installation of its new E-Board. 

“I’ve been a member of ECYD for years both as a general member and an E-Board member. Seeing this organization continue to build and grow makes me really excited for the upcoming year,” says Casim Gomez, Executive Director.

Members OF ECYD are committed to increasing membership all while defining an agenda and purpose that will positively impact communities in Essex County. For more information on meetings, events and updates, please contact or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ecydems.

The Executive Board:

Executive Chair-Imani R. Oakley, Esq; Executive Co-Vice Chair-Medinah Muhammad; Executive Co-Vice Chair - Lucy Edmond; Treasurer - Nile Clemmons; Secretary - Martin Page Membership Chair - Bomaya Kamara, MSW; Events Chair - Ajah Baldwin; Fundraising Chair - Freddy Davis Political Affairs Chair - Jacqueline Mayers; Sergeant at Arms - Keith Alston; Executive Director - Casim Gomez