EAST ORANGE/ORANGE, NJ — With package thieves on the rise in practically every community from here to the west coast, the City has released guidelines to protect your packages. Here is a synopsis of what the suggested guidelines are, plus more: 

— Have your packages delivered to where you are, such as work. 

— Use tracking numbers and delivery notifications.

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— Ask family members and neighbors to help receive packages. 

— Install a security camera.*

— Request signature upon delivery. 

— Inform people you are sending packages to of the date and time of arrival. 

— Use an Amazon locker.

— Research what local businesses in the area are willing to receive packages for you.

— Buy a package dropbox for your porch, and write delivery instructions for the packages to be placed inside. 

Just for a laugh, check out what this guy or this woman did about their package thieves. 

*Neighbors in our two towns post videos on apps like Ring and Neighborhood Watch of thieves stealing packages often. The high amount of videos posted is startling, proving sometimes cameras are not a big enough deterrent to prevent porch pirates from victimizing.