EAST ORANGE, NJ – Every week the Department of Public Works in East Orange collects more than 12 tons of garbage from residents, as well as from the 425 municipal garbage cans located throughout the city.  In addition to their weekly efforts, East Orange organizes two major city-wide and several minor cleanups, maintains more than100 abandoned properties, and ensures that city children learn what it means to care for the environment.  

For their hard work and dedication, East Orange has received the New Jersey Clean Communities Council’s (NJCCC) “Urban Cleanup Team Award.”

“East Orange continually strives to increase the recycling rate and improve the quality of life in our city,” said Don Wharton, the Superintendent of Public Works for the past 44 years. “One of the ways that we work towards this goal is through our fantastic staff of teachers who really get our students involved in environmental projects like the Eco Gardens.”

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Eco Gardens are not just a collection of plants in the ground. City students create a vibrant, resilient community of plants, without the need for chemicals. Students use recycled materials whenever possible and use water sparingly, among other initiatives, to create healthy urban gardens.

NJCCC is a comprehensive, statewide litter-abatement program that has served New Jersey residents and visitors for more than 25 years. Learn more at njclean.org.