Dear Neighbors,

In light of recent reports of lead contamination in the Newark water supply, I wanted to share with you important information about the City of Orange’s water supply in order to allay any fears you may have regarding our water. In short, our water quality is tested frequently and meets all federal and state standards. Our water operator tests the water daily and files reports with the NJDEP. The water quality testing is done at an independent lab, certified by NJDEP and USEPA. The City’s water supply is in NO WAY connected to the City of Newark’s water supply. As of July 31, 2019, lead and copper sampling of the Orange water supply was in full compliance with NJDEP regulations.

Orange’s water is safe to drink, cook and bathe with.

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We will continue to comply with all regulatory requirements applicable to our municipal water system and deliver water to you that meets all water quality standards. As a parent and neighbor, I know how important it is to have safe water for our Orange children and families. After you read the following Q&A we have provided, if you still have concerns about our water, please call 862-438-0647.

Yours in Service,

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Orange’s water supply:

Where does Orange water come from?

The City of Orange operates five wells located in the South Mountain Reservation which supplies the City of Orange through two transmission mains. In addition, Orange has interconnections with New Jersey American Water Company and the City of East Orange. The City of Orange provides corrosion control chemical addition to the East Orange supply at the Beach Street treatment station.

How often is the water tested?

Daily water quality testing is done at the Chestnut Street Pump Station. Additionally, distribution samples are taken throughout the monthly monitoring period. Suez also monitors the distribution system and point of entry for optimum corrosion control weekly.

How is Orange water tested?

Samples are taken to a NJDEP Certified Laboratory for all NJDEP and USEPA water quality monitoring standards. Samples are taken at the Point of Entry into the distribution system at the Chestnut Street Pump Station and at approved points of consumption throughout the distribution system.

Will Newark’s water contaminate Orange’s water supply?

NO. There is no interconnection between Newark and Orange’s water system. The water entering Orange comes from the local wells at the Chestnut Street Pump Station and the interconnection with East Orange. SUEZ maintains the distribution as contracted by the City of Orange.

Were Orange’s Lead & Copper Results in compliance?

The results on the most recent lead and copper sampling schedule, which concluded July 31, 2019, were in compliance with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulations.

Where can residents obtain information on their water quality?

Residents can obtain a copy of the Orange water quality report via

Can residents get their water tested?

YES. Residents can opt to have their water tested by any of the

Department of Environmental Protection’s certified labs. To access

labs in your area, visit: SearchByCategory?isExternal=y&getCategory=y&catName=Certified+Laboratories