EAST ORANGE, NJ: East Orange water is clean, safe and continues to meet the standards of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, said city officials.

Officials issued the statement in response to false water quality reports that began circulating on social media early this morning.

According to Christopher Coke, Executive Director of the East Orange Water Department, the most recent round of coliform testing that took place between January and February 2019 found no bacterial contaminants like E. coli or other organic compounds that would endanger the city’s water. In fact, the city, under the supervision of a licensed water treatment operator and its executive director, conducts sample testing regularly using third-party tester Aqua Pro-Tech Laboratories (APL) as an additional security measure to maintain water quality. 

“We are not sure of the source of these reports, but they are absolutely not true,” said Mayor Green. “Our residents can be assured that our water is clean and safe.”