NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — If your dog were lost for two years, would you expect him to return?

Probably not. But that’s exactly what happened this week in New Brunswick.

Two years ago, the Branco family of Edison lost their chocolate Yorkshire terrier named Bruno, who ran away from home. The pup was a gift from Mara Branco’s later husband, Sergio, who died in September 2014 after a battle with leukemia.

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Bruno was sighted prancing along Commercial Avenue on Feb. 20, according to a city official. New Brunswick’s animal control team picked up the Yorkie and turned him over to Blumig Kennel in East Brunswick.

Luckily, he had a microchip that included his owners’ contact information. 

Leroy Burke, an animal control officer, contacted Branco. The mom and her son, Tristan, were reunited with the 12-year-old dog yesterday morning, March 1, in the parking lot behind City Hall.

“He was a jittery, wagging little ball of energy and gave her kisses on the chin,” city spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw said. “They were very happy to see him and thanked Leroy.”

Branco could not immediately be reached for comment.

If it weren’t for the microchip and animal control, Bruno might still be on the streets. The city said he was “healthy and in good condition.”

But there’s one question that will remain: What in the world has that dog done and seen over the past two years?