EDISON, NJ - Councilmembers Richard Brescher, Joe Coyle and Ajay Patil called for the creation of a committee of the whole to investigate property taxes in Edison at a press conference in the Edison Council Chambers on Thursday.  Brescher announced that on Wednesday, the group will be introducing legislation to create the committee, which will be tasked with investigating property taxes and proposing property tax reform by the end of 2020.  

Brescher said, "Our residents are hurting. Those on fixed incomes are being forced to move out.  Longtime residents who are vested in this township, sometimes for multiple generations, are being forced to pick up and move out."  He said meanwhile, the township has moved "essential services, such as EMS, to a third party for profit vendors, placing the health of our residents in the hands of private companies."

He continued, "For too long I have seen politicians pass the buck.  Blame increases on others.  That ends today."

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Brescher said that the committee of the whole will have subpoena powers and the ability to call witnesses.  "With those power[s], we will determine if large companies are getting sweet heart deals at the expense of our residents and if they are, we will put a stop to that," said Brescher.   

He concluded, "I am grateful that Councilman Joe Coyle and Councilman Ajay Patil have agreed to co-sponsor this resolution, but we need our residents to call and email my four other colleagues to vote yes on our Property Tax reform committee of the whole."