Why I am running?

  • I am a mother of two kids enrolled in Edison elementary school.  Just like all parents in Edison, I want the best education possible for our kids.
  • I am a home owner, my property tax went up 50% in the last ten years, and about 60% of it was spent on the school district.  I want to make sure our tax money is spent wisely in the district and tax increases well-controlled.

Why vote for me?

  • My Experience: Graduated with double Master degrees from University of Chicago and worked in software industry for 16+ years, my analytical skills and expertise on information technology will be helpful in the 21st century learning with electronics devices.
  • My Philosophy:  As a long time sport lover/advocate, a regular volunteer for Autism Speaks and local Chinese school, good education in my view should include not just academics, but also arts, music, athletics, as well as ethical values. Most importantly, it should include everyone. All students in our district have the right to quality education.
  • My Independence: No interests in the political ladder, not endorsed by any party, my sole agenda is to work for the benefit of every Edison resident.  
  • My Role: Being the only candidate with children in the district, and being involved in many parent groups, I can pass along guidelines from the school district, as well as provide feedbacks on the effectiveness of the school policies, keeping the communication between school and parent smooth and efficient.

What are the most important issues facing the Edison school district? And how do you plan to address them?        

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Number 1: Non-stop property tax increase and over-crowded school.

  • Instead of burdening Edison residents with big tax bills every year, the Board of Education should try to get more school aid from the state or other government agencies. Currently Edison is getting much less funding than neighboring towns, our school board needs to work with state legislators to work out a fair formula on funding for us.
  • Aside from state funding, school board should also try to attract more private donations to our school, adapting certain policies to make this easier for private investors or small entrepreneurs.  
  • School board should also work with township for not over-crowding our town. Building permits should be issued with school capacity in mind. Township should also enforce the zoning ordinance to stop multiple families from living in the same house.

Number 2: Computer usage, too early, too much?

Starting iPad as early as first grade, heath workers and parents are concerned this may have contributed to the increase of children’s vision problems. For older grades, computers are necessary because more and more state wide tests are administered online. The fact that a computer guarantees fair and prompt responses on some subjects makes them a nice supplemental tool, but it should not become a main mechanism of teaching. It can never replace the traditional teacher-student face to face interactions in classrooms. Board of Education needs to emphasize this to all educators and parents as well, and provide more trainings so they both can best utilize the new technology. Without adequate trainings and proper usage, computers can become distractions in the classrooms and at home. Gaming on computers is another issue. Some computer programs used in school offer too much games and I think better screening of the software need to be conducted on what to use in the classroom. My experiences in the IT area will definitely help in this area.